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Danny Tan Chee Sing

The Tropicana Billionaire One of the very significant factors of Tan Sri Danny Tan is that he is the brother of Tan Sri Vincent Tan, who is no stranger to the Malaysian’s richest list. Tan Sri Danny is the man responsible in the...

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Tiong Hiew King

The Malaysian Timber Tycoon One of the most renowned timber tycoons in Malaysia is Tan Sri Datuk Sri Tiong Hiew King. He is affiliated with Rimbunan Hijau in which he sits at the 12th of richest Malaysians. While the timber...

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Kuan Kam Hon

Rubber Tycoon of Malaysia At the eleventh spot, Kuan Kim Hon is one of the richest rubber tycoons in Malaysia. He has a net worth of over $1 billion. What Kuan Kim Hon is known for is his business in manufacturing synthetic...

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