Category: Bursa Malaysia


The REITs segment of Bursa Malaysia are basically counters that are made up of real estate investment trust counters. These are usually made up of companies which are primarily involved in the property and real estate...

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With new projects being announced by the government and new developments in around Malaysia, property prices have been very dynamic recently. The property development companies too have been very active where they are constantly...

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Industrial products

The Industrial Products category in Bursa Malaysia has the most counters as compared to other categories. It is made up of companies operating in Malaysia which are basically involved with all types of products and services...

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The hotels segment in Malaysia’s Bursa Main board constitutes the smallest segment of counters because there are only 4 companies whose shares are traded here. This is where you will find that while the companies are listed...

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The plantation industry is one of the most dynamic markets in Malaysia because while the economy is moving away from agriculture, a large portion of the income still comes from this category. Malaysia’s rich resources of rubber...

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