‘Bringing out elegance and style of every woman’ sounds familiar? None other than the well-known high street fashion brand, Le Ann Maxima.
A brainchild under E-Maxim Fashion (M) Sdn Bhd, this home grown fashion brand is well-loved by women from all walks of life. Women can practically find anything in Le Ann Maxima from catwalk couture to funky chic pieces coupled with creative designs. Simply grab a garment and wear it because it will bring a sense of style and sophistication. When Le Ann Maxima first entered the market, savvy and fashion conscious women were more than happy to shop in the outlets. Creative designs of the collections were tailored for Asian urban women.

Fashion Franchise in Malaysia

The fusion of skirts, tops, accessories and skirts were inspired by European style and tantalizing Asian culture. Collection in Le Ann Maxima combines the strong fashion sensibility thus making it suitable for everyday functionality. With a team of experienced and talented in-house designers, the clothes are designed based on four lines – office wear, ladies wear, casual basics and evening wear. It is important for designers to understand the wants and needs of target customers to be able to design garments that can express individual characteristics. A plethora of styles and colours will definitely charm the savvy you. Tailored to cater to independent and career women, the in-house local designers will bring their designs to life for the convenience of Le Ann Maxima’s shoppers. To complement the creative designs, there is a wonderful collection of accessories in the outlets to bring out the ‘Maxima woman’ charm in you.

To date, there are six franchised boutiques in Malaysia. The company aims to develop another 30 franchisees by 2011. Hence, Le Ann Maxima invites those who are interested to take up the franchise opportunity and join the network. Le Ann Maxima is planning to expand the business to other countries such as Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore, UAE and Italy. If you are interested to join the network, visit www.e-maximfashion.com or call 03-9222 7811. The franchise fees is about RM40,000 for five years and estimated initial capital is roughly RM500,000.