The Daily Fresh brand is an internationally recognized name in the F&B business segment. It operates on a kiosk format which sells a variety of drinks and snacks with a prominent trademark of the freshest supplies each day. As such, its target market is towards people who are health conscious looking for fresh fruit drinks and light snacks. Daily Fresh can be seen in most major shopping malls and public places as they are easy to buy and quick to process. Today, Daily Fresh is available around the world with more than 1,800 kiosks in the Middle East, Singapore, China and Turkey, among others.
Daily Fresh offers a unique business opportunity where there are 3 packages available. Package A is the basic set up which requires RM54,800 initial setup of purchase of equipment and renovation. Package B is a smaller set up which is half the size of Package A and will need RM34,350 initial setup. Both packages will require RM5,000 franchise fee. For Package C, the franchise fee is RM15,000 and is in a café format. This will require about RM120,000 to setup. All packages will require a 3% advertising and 2% royalty fees respectively taken from the monthly gross sales.