The Mr Clean laundry business is one of the most established and renowned brands in this market segment in Malaysia. It has more than 20 years of experience in the laundry business with a strong market following. Investing into the laundry business can be quite effective as it is one of the few areas which are resilient to recession without the need of high operating cost.
Mr Clean has more than 200 branches around the country and this experience will be used to train new franchisees. This will include design for the outlet, location advice, waste management and every other issue related to running the business.
To enter into the Mr Clean franchise programme, the initial investment starts from RM130,000 to RM300,000. The franchising fee is RM50,000 with a management fee of 5% from monthly gross sales and another 3% from the gross sale will be paid for promotion fee. There are 3 types of modules available where the most elaborate is the MC-1 which comes with a complete setup with full equipment requiring about 1,300 square feet. MC-2 is smaller without dry-cleaning that needs 800 square feet while the MC-3 module is a collection centre that requires only 300 square feet of space.