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January 20, 2016
It battlefield out there telcos
It’s a battlefield out there for telcos
February 16, 2016
sme entrepreneurship magazine

The SME & Entrepreneurship Magazine is one of the many business-related magazines in Malaysia. It is specially catered for entrepreneurs and business owners in Malaysia as well as around the Southeast Asia region. As a printed magazine, SME & Entrepreneurship provides the latest news and trends in simple reading format and layout, making this one of the best-selling magazines among the community of this region.

As the SME industry makes up a large portion of the current market, it is very important that they receive information which is relevant to their business and helps in promoting them. As one of the top selling magazines, SME has high readership who looks forward to the following segments

Malaysia SME & Entrepreneurship News

– SME provides the latest news and headlines around the region. In The News is a segment where readers find out about political and economical updates that might affect the sectors involved.

China and India – SME Magazine provides insights into the countries of China and India because of their strong economic standing and because of their stature as among the fastest markets in the world.

Market – A segment is provided for the reader to gain insights into certain market segments and how they are good for investment. This is where readers can read about upcoming industries, investment opportunities and other related news.

Special Focus – There is a segment called Special Report where SME highlights certain important issues in every issue. This usually involves current affairs that might influence the market that SMEs are in.

Profiles – This is a segment that features success stories of entrepreneurs and businessmen who have made it in their own industries to showcase and inspire the readers.

Others – Each issue includes a certain feature story and this could be in advice, business set ups, tips and tricks and even guides on starting businesses in the SME world. Besides that, there are insights into markets and other leisure articles occasionally.