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December 5, 2015
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January 14, 2016

For any entrepreneur, the mentality to start the business makes a big difference. In fact, it can make or break the venture. To enter a market like China meanwhile will have a lot of challenges because there is the constant public perception that the China market is very difficult and full of hindrances.

But the opportunity for wholesale trading can be an attractive option if you are an entrepreneur and to get you started on the right footing, having the right mentality will surely help. In recent years, Guangzhou has grown to become one of the top wholesale markets in the world. There is almost every type of retail products here but it is here that you will find the most optimistic Chinese entrepreneurs in the world.

Healthy Competition

If you plan to venture into this business, you must start with an optimistic foothold. This is where you must learn from the Chinese traders because they know all about competition and how this competition can help to grow their businesses. Imagine visiting a shopping mall in Malaysia like Sunway Pyramid. There will most likely be 5 to 6 shops that sell watches and timepieces. In Guangzhou, there will be a shopping mall larger than Sunway Pyramid where there are countless shops in there which sells watches and timepieces alone! Think for a moment how they compete with each other and competing with thousands of other retailers.

What about Pessimists?

When you travel to Guangzhou, having a pessimistic mentality will be your major hurdle. With so many traders located all around the city, you will need to pick and choose the right ones and arrange for delivery and logistics. The main problem with many entrepreneurs is that they become threatened when they see so many businesses in the same field which puts them off from running a similar business. With an optimistic mindset, you will see this as an opportunity instead of a risk.